Available Kittens

F6 SBT Male 1

Born Oct 1st 2020, his parents are Kinga And Azarree.

Pet Price: $ 1,800
Breeder:  $ 4,000

 F6 SBT Male 2

Born Oct 1st 2020, her parents are Kinga And Azarree.

Pet Price: $ 1,500
Breeder:  $ 4,000


F3 Kittens

F3 Kittens are 3 generations from the African Serval. 

We will have a litter coming in Spring 2021!

F6 Kittens

F6 Kittens are 6 generations from the African Serval.

We will have a litter coming in Fall 2020!

  • Our kittens come neutered or spayed unless 

  • Age appropriate vaccinations

  • Health certificate

  • micro chipped

  • dewormed

  • kitten care package 

  • TICA registration papers

Savannahs are very smart and can be taught various tricks and commands.Your kitten will come comfortable in their harness and introduced to walking on a leash.

Teaching Savannahs to come when they are called is easy and fun. your kitten will know this command before they come to your loving home.

We are a proud member of the Savannah Cat Association. Here is a diagram that shows you a estimate of your kitten compared to a normal house cat.