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Frequently Asked Questions

What Do The Kittens Come With?

      Prima Savannahs provides

  • TICA registration papers

  • Vaccinated and de-wormed 

  • Health passports

  • Kennel with blanket

  • Toys

  • Temporary litter box with litter

  • Leash and harness


How Can I Train My New Kitten?

Training your kitten is easy with treats. Try to spend as much time possible training your kitten even if it is just Our kittens are trained to come when called, to use the litter box and will have already started their training to walk on a leash. Our F6 male Kinga was trained within 20 minutes to come and jump up. As soon as our kittens start adventuring away from their mother we begin training them. Training kittens to fetch and sit are just as easy, all though keep in mind your kitten will come when called, jump up and walk on a leash so you wont have to put much effort in to training!

What Should I Feed My Kitten?

Raw meat is the best thing for them. When we are not giving our kitties raw we feed them a mixture of wet and hard Royal Cannon cat food. Raw Pork is something people often argue about wither it is bad for Savannahs or has no effect at all, just in case our cattery stays clear of pork. Savannahs can eat raw chicken with bones, but if the chicken is cooked with bones the bone will break and splinter.

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