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F2 Savannah "Pawsha"

Pawsha is the newest edition to our home. This beautiful girl has claimed our king "Fang",  as her one true love. We will be looking forward to having some gorgeous  kittens from these two love birds come fall 2020!

F3 Savannah "Storm"

Storm's kittens are very wild and playful. She produces dark spotted kittens with lots of black noses. 


F5 Savannah "Jewel"

Jewel's kittens are very cuddly and sweet. She produces light coloured kittens with nice spots. 

20181004_163622 (3).jpg

F5 Savannah "Azarree"

Azarree's kittens are very playful and adventurous. they have very large ears and dark markings. Azarree has produced some very nice silver and grey kittens and sometimes black.

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